HSP 94123 Onroad RC Car Kit Handleiding

juli 2, 2023

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You may ask what is the HSP 94123 RC car kit! The HSP 94123 is an onroad, 1/10 scale RC car which comes unassembled and without any electric part. This means you have to do the assembling yourself, which, if you’re into assembling, is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, all parts come in plastic bags and nothing is labeled. Of course, the bigger plastic and aluminum parts are easier to place where they have to go but for the smaller parts, especially the crews, it’s a bit trickier. unfortunately I did not make a note on which screw to use where. This you will have to do on intuition.

First of all, I would suggest separating the screws on type as much as you can because there are quite some, and it’s a lot of searching.

Second use the “Full Assembly View” in this part/Assembly overview. It will give you an idea were all parts go.


Making the steering cup


Front Diff


Rear Diff


Motor mount


Front lower arms and steering cups


Front lower arms and steering cups


End result

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